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Serena’s Goodbye

Serena Vincent has been involved with Walnut Creek Saves since February of this year and now the time has come for her Conservation Coach experience to end. Serena is off on her next adventure - college! Before she leaves she wanted to tell everyone how much she has learned and the skills she has gained through her experience.

Four Months Into Walnut Creek Saves…

When the Walnut Creek Saves program first began Lola Bamberger's goal was none other than to reach out to the community and to lend her hand in making it a better place. Now, almost four months into the program she can say, without a doubt, that all of her team members and fellow Conservation Coaches have helped achieve that goal.

Top 10 Water-Saving Tips: Summer Edition

Anthony Belavitch, a Conservation Coach for Walnut Crek Saves, prepared a guide that summarizes the best tips for saving water this summer. The extreme heat can make it difficult to conserve water, but hopefully this article will give you tips to help make saving water that much easier this summer.

Oceans under the Hot Sun

Gautam Sajja, a Conservation Coach for Walnut Creek Saves, reflects back on his time with the program, the importance of teamwork, and the desire to want nothing more than for the community he has grown up in to thrive in an environmentally friendly way. Gautam has realized that water, energy, savings, and money are just the beginning of a whole world of change!

Top 10 Energy-Saving Tips: Summer Edition

Andre Medeiros, a Conservation Coach for Walnut Crek Saves, prepared a guide that summarizes the best tips for saving energy. This guide will help you save energy during the summer and throughout the year!

Energy Guide: Insulation Will Save the Nation

Nearly half of the energy used in an average household goes toward heating or cooling the home. Meaning, if proper energy saving techniques are used in these areas a large sum of money can be saved on your energy bill. There are many appliances and behaviors that can help save energy on heating and cooling, but there is one that constantly stays hidden in your walls, insulation.

Coaching Residents to Save on Energy and Water

Kaipo Vevera is a Conservation Coach for Walnut Creek Saves. He has been with the program now for almost half a year and has have thoroughly enjoyed every moment he's had working with the residents of Walnut Creek to save them energy and water and lower their bills. Recently, he conducted outreach at the Lindsay Wildlife Experience and was able to teach children how to conserve energy and water in their homes.

Water Guide: Outdoor Irrigation

Do you know about all the different ways you can save water (and money!) around your yard? There are several devices and techniques that can help you use less water, but still leave you with a luscious yard. Not all methods for saving water cost money either. Evan Enos, a Conservation Coach for Walnut Creek Saves, has summarized some of the best ways to conserve outdoors.

Energy Guide: How to Save with your Pool!

The time for summer and fun has finally hit the city of Walnut Creek. This means that more families are using their pools to get relief from the hot weather. Since the use of pools will be rising, here are some tips on how you can save water and energy in your swimming pool to make summertime even better!