Energy Guide: Which TV is best for you?

Written by: Omar Zaifulizan

Televisions are a great getaway from all the stress that happens in your life, but knowing which television is right for you and will keep energy costs down is important!  Today, televisions come in many shapes and sizes, and the most popular kinds are larger in size.  If you need to have a large screen, and if money is not a problem, I would recommend splurging on one. Studies have shown that having a big screen television does not increase your electricity bill.

When purchasing a television, I would recommend finding one that qualifies as an ENERGY STAR product. Look for this label! The ENERGY STAR label will advise you if the television uses less energy than a non-ENERGY STAR product, therefore saving you money on your electricity bill. ENERGY STAR televisions are really great and are 27% more efficient than non-ENERGY STAR televisions.

There are different kinds of televisions such as LED, LCD, and Plasma televisions. Plasma televisions are actually the worst type of television to purchase because they are high in energy costs, and will eat up your electricity bill. LED and LCD televisions don’t have that high energy consumption so it would be a better fit for your living room or bedroom. Not only that but LED and LCD televisions are the most modern and up-to-date on the market, especially with the new 4k televisions. 4k televisions are a masterpiece in any entertainment area. The have a large screen and have around four times the screen density of a regular television.

The best time of year to buy any television is around the holiday seasons in November and December. During this time there are many deals and sales, such as black Friday. For example, at Best Buy electronics can go up to 50% off as well as other items are discounted all throughout the winter season.

With all this information, I hope you have a better understanding on which television is best for you!

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