Walnut Creek Saves: A Step in the Right Direction

Written by: Angelene Younger

For the past two months I have been working for Walnut Creek Saves and the experience has been extremely rewarding. Through Walnut Creek Saves, high school students receive real world career experience working with members of our community. I feel more confident about my abilities to help change my community for the better and have a better understanding of what will be expected of me working in the real world.

Walnut Creek Saves offers FREE home consultations to Walnut Creek incorporated residents. Before the consultation, our program manager will contact the residents to set up a date for our visit and provide information on how to link your PG&E account to a free energy-saving account called EnergyCenter. During the home consultation, student Conservation Coaches will walk the residents through EnergyCenter and teach them about all the helpful features.

EnergyCenter allows homeowners to view how much they spend monthly on energy and compares your energy usage to efficient and similar houses. EnergyCenter breaks down your usage into months and seasons to show when the most energy is being used. Your account also list tips for habitual changes, small upgrades, and large scale upgrades that will help save money and energy over time.

In addition, there is a category that lists all the rebates programs available to Walnut Creek residents, provides information on each, and specifies the requirements for eligibility. Shopping guides for new energy and water efficient appliances are also helpful tools found on EnergyCenter.

After walking the resident through EnergyCenter, the Conservation Coaches will continue with the home consultation by filling out a personalized survey about the house, checking the outdoor irrigation systems, examining light fixtures, and measuring the flow rates of toilets, faucets, and showers. At the end of the consultation, the resident will receive a summary of the top three easy solutions to help lower your bills the fastest.

The home consultations are completely FREE and a terrific way to help your community and environment, and they also provide local teens with work experience. Click here to sign up for your FREE home consultation.

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