A Satisfying New Experience

Written by: Clarissa Drouillard

The first home consultation that I attended finally made me realize the full scope of the work that Walnut Creek Saves does to lessen our impact on the environment. I arrived just on time after a full day of school and nervous anticipation, and although I had completed consultation training, I was not sure what to expect. But by the end of the experience, I felt more confident in both my own abilities, and the educational message that our program spreads to residents of the city.

We started the consultation by examining water usage around the house in appliances such as dishwashers and washing machines. Even residents with updated appliances can benefit from advice about conserving our precious resources. Changing habits is one of the easiest ways to conserve huge amounts of water and energy over time, since even small adjustments can make large impacts.

After gathering that information we moved on to testing the flow rates of every faucet and showerhead in use, using the excess water we collected to feed the plants outside. We even discussed evaporation in the swimming pool visible through the large back windows of the room where we started, and although we did not examine the irrigation system outside at that consultation, I had the chance to read the water meter and conclude that there were no water leaks. Time flew by as we went from one part of the house to the next in our assessment, and I left that consultation with the satisfaction of helping one more person become water and energy efficient.

My involvement as a Conservation Coach has provided me invaluable experience working in the field and talking to people that I have never met before. At the end of every consultation, we present our best advice on how the resident can alter their habits, appliances, and ultimately their usage, to lessen their carbon footprint and save money.

Going forward from this experience, I hope to have the chance to complete more consultations that will benefit the residents and our environment. Working together to protect our planet requires the joint effort of the whole community!

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