About Us

Walnut Creek Saves is a free program offered to the residents of Walnut Creek. The program is locally branded and designed to save residents energy, water and money using tools and services from WattzOn.


Walnut Creek Saves has three goals:

  1. Help residents save energy, water and money through free home consultations.
  2. Boost the local economy. The less spent on utility bills, the more is spent at local businesses.
  3. Employ high school students. The paid internships provide valuable job training.


Walnut Creek Saves supports the City of Walnut Creek’s Climate Action Plan through a combination of home consultations and EnergyCenter, an engaging energy saving account. Walnut Creek is actively working to reduce their greenhouse gas emissions for a healthy and sustainable future. Learn more here about how Walnut Creek is making progress towards their reduction goals.

Through past work in the greater Bay Area, WattzOn has collaborated with many efficiency organizations and programs in Walnut Creek, and will work with them through this program. WattzOn believes it’s important to make residents aware of all services that can help them save energy and water.