Along For the Ride

Written by: Gautam Sajja

It’s been getting pretty cold these past couple of months, and with the holidays over, your extended family is not going to be able to keep you warm anymore. Here at WCS we try to help people save money while heating their homes in the most efficient ways possible. It is our new year’s resolution and we need you to help push them along.

Although our program has gone far, there is still much to do, people to meet, and events to attend. Since February of 2017, our one year anniversary is upon us, and it is good to commemorate the residents as well as the programs leaders who have gone with us all the way.

We appreciate the support we get from the people we talk to in the community and we respect those from our surrounding cities. These connections can help break the boundaries of helping only those in Walnut Creek. It may not be by offering them a consultation, but hopefully it can inspire people to not only make habit changes, but spread the word of their money savings and good deeds to others.

I mentioned in a prior article that our operations will continue due to an extension from the City of Walnut Creek. I guess it is still something that is sort of shocking, but it only solidifies the fact that our growing program is making a huge difference; a leap in energy and water savings that cannot be rivaled.

With your help we can keep our resolutions alive to serve the community a little bit longer and hopefully not turn into an extinct gym resolution down the road. Our hard work and effort pays off when you schedule a hassle-free in-home energy and water consultation. Our resources are limited, so maybe it is time for a habit change or two. Sometimes we need a simple reminder of what we can lose.

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