Always Saving

Written by: Anthony Belavitch

I’m Anthony Belavitch and I am a Conservation Coach for Walnut Creek Saves. Walnut Creek Saves is led by high school students with the goal helping people save money on water and energy. We offer free home consultations to Walnut Creek residents to check appliances, evaluate habits, and help people make simple changes in their daily lives that will save water, energy and money. Everybody I work with is kind and very knowledgeable on the topics of water and energy. They have all worked hard at their jobs and do a great job.

I have worked with Walnut Creek Saves since February and have really enjoyed the program. We help a lot of people save money and learn about their habits and how they can change them for the better. I recently conducted outreach at the Shadelands Museum and we spoke to a lot of people and received a good number of sign ups for home consultations. Some people told us they had the home consultation a couple months ago and how great it was because they are now saving money and they learned about their habits and were able to change them. It was rewarding to hear that they are saving money and enjoyed the consultation.

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