An Impressive Audience

Written by: Anisah Rodgers

In the past, Conservation Coaches present informational facts on the environment and many ways on how to conserve energy and water. The audience, ranges from young children to adults; each and every one showing an interest in what was being said. Personally, I’ve only presented to younger children, however, they surprised me.

When I walked into the small cubicle, children were everywhere. On one table, they were dying eggs for Easter. As I walked to the other side of the dual cubicle, there were children finishing up homework and watching YouTube videos. Just like any average person, I was extremely nervous to present, especially in front of children. What if something goes wrong like I make an embarrassing Freudian slip or they just aren’t interested in the topic and start being rude? Of course, I was overthinking the situation; these kids wouldn’t act out nor would I make an embarrassing mistake, it was all in my head. I took my deep breathes and reviewed the slides until it was finally presenting time.

The majority of our slides presented information on fossil fuels and alternative energy sources; however, the minority of the group had small review questions of what was taught. I didn’t expect the children to know more than what was presented, but that wasn’t the case. Throughout the presentation, they made frequent comments about ways to conserve energy and water, even though the information wasn’t in our slides. It truly was an impressive spectacle because there are adults that probably don’t know those facts.

After the presentation, I realized these children were more informed about saving the environment and that as they grow up they will help fight against global warming. Personally, it felt nice to know that I was helping these kids get more active in their interests about the environment.  I look forward to the next upcoming presentation and the excellent participation that was demonstrated. I wonder what facts they’ll bring to the table next time!

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