Energy Guide: Big Upgrades Equal Even Bigger Savings

KV1Written by: Kaipo Vevera

Currently, it seems as if gas prices just keep getting higher and higher. With the increased prices, it makes perfect sense to upgrade to an electric car. Not only will electric cars positively impact the environment but they will also save your pockets. In the end, the cost of the electricity needed to charge the car equates out to about FIVE cents a gallon.

KV1So why doesn’t everyone drive an electric car? The main drawbacks are the upfront price you will pay for the car and the “limited range” these cars have. However, the amount of money you spend on gasoline would be much more than the price of electricity. You could be saving at least THREE dollars per gallon of gas and over time that will quickly add up.

KV2Additionally, if you add solar into this equation your savings will be enormous. You won’t only be saving money on your electricity bills but with an electric car, you would be paying virtually nothing to charge your car. The only downsides of solar are that you need to know how much longer you will be in your home for, and how new your roof is. However, if you turn out to be a great candidate for solar, then it is definitely an upgrade that should be strongly considered.

If you would like to learn more about how you could be saving money and the environment, then be sure to sign up for a FREE home consultation or create your own EnergyCenter account where you can start an energy savings plan today!

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