Conserve Away!

Written by: Michelle Lee

Ever since our program started, Walnut Creek Saves has been targeting Walnut Creek residents’ water and energy use.

However, recently, the program has decided to target other aspects of conservation like composting and recycling. At our last team meeting, we decided to focus on the topic of sustainable gardens for the month of March. When we set up our booth at event, we will have a game that allows the participant to pick different aspects of gardening, with sustainable options mixed in with unsustainable ones. For example, for the backdrop of the garden, the participant will have to pick between a lush green lawn covered in grass, or a garden filled with rocks. Of course, the more sustainable option is rocks!For the month of February, we focused on recycling education. Did you know that we only recycle about 30% of the waste that we produce, while we can actually recycle approximately 75% of it? It was really fun to see little kids come up to the booth, drawn in by the idea of winning a piece of candy as a prize, and leaving with a little more knowledge of what they can and cannot recycle. Many people thought that food waste could be recycled, along with styrofoam.Ultimately, it was great to educate people and hopefully allow them to become more environmentally conscious human beings. In the later phases of the program, we hope to reach other aspects of conservation like ocean conservation and composting, all to make Walnut Creek save a little bit more.

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