Energy Guide: Bundle Up to Save Big

Written by: Anna Meehan

As winter comes to a slow and bitter end you may notice higher energy bills than in the summer. With the weather still lurking in the 50’s and 60’s, you may be tempted to use more energy in the home than normal. However, if you follow these simple tips, you can save energy, and drastically reduce your monthly energy bills!

  1. Bundle up in your home. Wear warmer clothes throughout winter to keep you cozy and comfortable. Throw on some warm fuzzy socks, slippers, long pants, and a sweatshirt, and you are good to go! Warming up your body will reduce your temptations to turn on the thermostat to a higher temperature. In this regard, for every degree you are willing to lower your thermostat, you can save 5% on energy. This may not seem like much, but after a month of high energy consumption, it can save you a fortune! Also, when programming your thermostat, circulate the air with the fan setting to move the heat around.
  2. Keep your blinds open during the day. The sunlight that enters through your windows heats up your house a few degrees. The sun not only provides natural light, but can help minimize energy use in the home. At night, close your curtains to trap in all the heat. Some windows may not trap in all the heat in your home, so curtains provide a small barrier to the cold outdoors.

With these tips you can save energy and money every month. Wear warm clothes, and let in sunlight to save big this winter season. Stay comfortable!

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