Energy Guide: Defeating Phantom Energy

Written by: Angelene Younger

Hidden behind many names: phantom energy, vampire load, standby load, etc., conserving this sneaky energy consumer can be fairly simple. Phantom energy consists of devices that are not in use, but are still consuming energy because they are plugged in. For instance, pencil sharpener has a little light on to alert the owner that it is in standby mode and is ready to be used.

Keeping the pencil sharpener unplugged until you need to use it is more Eco and pocket friendly. Unplugging devices that aren’t in use is the easiest and simplest way to reduce your standby load. What about some devices, such as a Wi-Fi router box, that must be on at all times? There are several ways to solve these common issues.

Smart power strips are a very useful solution in the power saving realm. These power strips allow you to plug in related systems that can be turned off all at once by a main source that gets plugged into a specific outlet, but allows specific devices to stay on like the Wi-Fi router box. Smart power strips make saving phantom energy easy and time efficient.

If you are going to be making appliance upgrades, it is always important to choose products with an EnergyStar label. EnergyStar products are 10-40% more energy efficient and help homeowners save money monthly.

Phantom energy is something that haunts all until it is diagnosed. With a few habitual changes and minor appliance upgrades, phantom energy can no longer be a problem for you!

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