Energy Guide: Introducing the Tesla Semi-Truck

Written by: Anthony Belavitch

This week Elon Musk revealed that he is releasing the Tesla semi-truck. The truck is set to be priced at $35,000. It is going to be an all electric semi-truck. Elon Musk wants to release this truck because heavy duty vehicles make up just 7 percent of vehicles on US roads, yet account for 20 percent of transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions. The truck was set to be released earlier but was pushed back because Tesla needed to divert resources to Puerto Rico to help restore power.

This is a new market for Tesla and semi-trucks are a tough market to get into for energy cars because they need to carry a lot for a long distance. The problem is that a semi-truck requires lots of energy to run, and more energy means more batteries. Since the whole point of a truck is to carry cargo, a truck that uses up a lot of space just to haul its own batteries could be a problem.

It will be interesting to see how Elon Musk makes and then markets this semi-truck to businesses who will buy it to haul supplies. This seems like a tough task, however, it is to help the world by putting more electric cars on the road.


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