Energy Guide: Musk’s Largest Battery Yet

Written by: Anna Meehan

In a state that is the leader in coal exports, South Australia took an oath of renewability when it funded the construction of a large battery that is roughly the size of a US football field! With the innovation and genius of Elon Musk, South Australia was able to create a battery powerful enough to power 30,000 homes.

This is a major accomplishment in the field of energy consumption and the practice of greener extraction of energy. Before the project’s commencement, Mr. Weatherill (a Labor politician in Australia) was hesitant to fund the creation of the battery because of Australia’s reliance on fossil fuels. South Australia relies on fossil fuels for a major source of income from countries and territories worldwide. The dependence on fossil fuels slowed the progression of the project until Musk made an offer even Weatherill could not refuse.

Elon Musk guaranteed the battery would be completed in 100 days, as he tweeted, “Tesla will get the system installed and working 100 days from contract signature or it is free”. Tesla willingly partnered with South Australia because it has the “highest electricity prices in the world”. In addition, the country is plagued with a regular occurrence of blackouts that lead to extremely high prices for electricity. The single, giants battery can solve problems that occur in blackouts and stores enough energy to power the 30,000 homes.

The creation of the battery signifies a start to a more technologically advanced society that has resources in cases of disaster and loss of power. This was the first major battery made by Elon Musk, but there will certainly be more in the near future.

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