Your participation in Walnut Creek Saves includes a free EnergyCenter account. EnergyCenter allows you to connect your PG&E account to track your energy use and potential savings, view available rebates, and plan your savings activities and goals. Let us provide you with tips and recommendations customized to make your home efficient!

Have you already created your EnergyCenter account? Click the button below to get started!

Go to EnergyCenter

Don’t have an EnergyCenter account yet? Creating one only takes a few minutes! Follow the instructions below to do it yourself, or our home consultant and Conservation Coaches can assist you during your FREE home consultation!


  • Your username and password for your PG&E account
  • Your home’s square footage (can be estimated)
  • Your home’s age (can be estimated)


Step 1: Visit and click “Get Started.”


Step 2: Answer the 5 questions about your home. Create an email and password combination for your account.















Step 3: Once you are logged in and on the Ways to Save page, click on the gear icon in the upper right corner of the screen and select “Link My Utilities.” Follow the onscreen instructions – you will need to enter your PG&E account’s username and password at this time.


Step 4: Click “Confirm and Save.”

Your account is now set up and linked! To get the most out of your EnergyCenter account, be sure to complete the My Home Structure and My Appliances sections by clicking on the gear icon, and add a few energy-saving activities to your Plan. You can now track and monitor your energy usage after your home consultation!








For further assistance, please email

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