Helping the Earth, One Light Bulb at a Time

Written by: Natalie Ahearn

Working as a Conservation Coach for Walnut Creek Saves has been an educational opportunity like no other. I’ve always been a conscientious person when it comes to water and energy, but in the past few years I’ve become increasingly more exposed to the truths of climate change and how humans have negatively impacted the planet, especially in recent decades. Though many filmmakers and scientists have tried to get the message about climate change to reach the public, it’s important for programs like ours to reach people directly in communities to urge them to make a change themselves to implement the scientists’ messages.

That’s why working for Walnut Creek Saves is so great– climate change is one of the main reasons that the program was funded. When Walnut Creek put its Climate Action Plan into place, Walnut Creek Saves was formed to execute the necessary cutbacks in the residential sector of greenhouse gas emissions. It feels pretty good to be a part of an organization that’s actually helping not just Walnut Creek, but the world, accomplish its goals of lowering negative human impact on Earth.

Though it may seem tedious and unnecessary, making small changes in a person’s everyday life can mean something much more than just changing out incandescent light bulbs or switching up a heating schedule. It can be a part of something much more significant– a worldwide push to get humans back on the right track and reduce the harm we’ve done to our planet. I have been rewarded greatly as a Conservation Coach knowing that I’m a part of the worldwide effort to slow climate change.

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