Holiday Spirits and New Goals

Written by: Clarissa Drouillard

As we enter December and the temperature outside is dropping, it’s my knowledge of the good that this program is doing that fills me with determination while I stand at our outreach booth. Any person walking past our table could be the next resident to benefit from water and energy savings. Every free consultation that we complete pushes us further towards our goal of reducing our city’s carbon footprint and our impact on the environment.

The latest outreach events that I have attended have been marked by good spirits, friendly people, and bright decorations in preparation for the holidays. The sparkling tinsel and bright candy canes decorating our booth attracted several people, allowing us to educate them about our program and conservation. Through trivia games, candy, and conversation, we provided tips on saving energy and water and spoke to residents interested in sparing these precious resources.

My favorite outreach event that I attended in the last few months was the Contra Costa Farmers Market hosted here in Walnut Creek. Visitors to our booth brought genuine questions with them and kept their minds open as we explained our program. I spoke to many residents who were interested in finding out how they could change their consumption habits.

I am very excited to see my job as a Conservation Coach extend through the New Year and continue into 2018. This past week I was asked to set a personal goal for myself going from now until the conclusion of the program. I would like to convince more people to have consultations done in their homes in order to help them change their habits and conserve water and energy. I see this goal as very achievable, taking into account the number of people that I have already convinced to sign up in the few months I have been a coach.

Hopefully, I will be able to promote our program even beyond the success that we have already had, because I know that my role in the bigger picture has made me a part of a community doing our best to protect the planet that we live on.

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