How Walnut Creek Saves Helps Save

Written by: Ariana Montalvo

Walnut Creek Saves is a City of Walnut Creek program that was created to help better our community. Our goals are to boost the economy in Walnut Creek, lower residents’ water and energy bills, and of course make the environment a cleaner and safer place. We hope to accomplish these goals by offering free in-home consultations, attending outreach events, and hoping that residents spending their savings locally.  We are funded through a grant from the Department of Energy so no tax dollars from Walnut Creek residents are used to fund our program.

We offer free in-home consultations to Walnut Creek residents. You can either sign up at our website,, or sign up with us in person at one of our outreach events. The consultations are completely free and we will not try to sell you anything! Our manager and a couple Conservation Coaches will go to your house and inspect every room for water and energy usage. After we have made a full assessment of your home we will sit down with you and explain all the ways to make your home more water and energy efficient. Our tips will help you decrease your water and energy bill!Our outreach events are spread all throughout Walnut Creek. Some of our recent events were at the Walnut Festival and some of our Conservation Coaches spoke at the afternoon Rotary Club in Walnut Creek. Our goal during our outreach events is to introduce residents to our program and encourage them to sign up for our consultations. These events are also used as a way to educate the resident about ways to get started with bettering their future and the environment. Some of our more popular events are at the local farmers markets, Ace Hardware on Mt. Diablo Blvd, and the Walnut Creek Library.

Walnut Creek Saves also has free access to an energy-saving account called EnergyCenter where you can track your energy usage, look up habit changes, and even see a list of all the available rebate programs.

Walnut Creek Saves also provides paid internships for high school students. We are called Conservation Coaches, and we attend the outreach events and assist with consultations alongside our manager.

We hope you found this article helpful! Please feel free to further browse our website for more helpful information. You can also call us at 1-800-314-5997 or email us at

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