How WCS Changed Me

Written by: Andre Medeiros

I have been a Conservation Coach with Walnut Creek Saves since the program started in February, 2017. Not only have I learned how to market an idea to the public and sell a service through persuasion, but I have learned to be much more energy and water conscientious. I also learned about the energy and water usage around us and how wasteful of a society we can be at times. We are in an extremely fortunate area as we have access to a seemingly endless amount of everything. This belief is what leads people to wasting without caring or understanding.

Walnut Creek Saves is now nearing the end, which is sad, but a good moment at the same time. We have come a long way in eight months in terms of helping our community in saving on their energy and water bills. At recent outreaches, many people know who we are and thank us which always brings a smile. Nothing like knowing your work is appreciated by kind residents.

I hope Walnut Creek Saves is implemented in other cities after Walnut Creek as it achieved its goals of helping high school students, supporting the community, and reducing carbon emissions. We are on our way to exceeding our goal of sign-ups and consultations! This displays the exceptional job our supervisor has done as she attended every single outreach and consultation since the beginning of the program. I would like to thank her for the extraordinary work she put into the program and the optimal working environment she created.

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