Investing Little, Conserving Big

Written by: Michelle Lee

In my junior year, the College and Career Counselor at my high school told me about an internship with a program called Walnut Creek Saves. My first thought was “what are they saving?” After school, I went onto the Walnut Creek Saves website and I learned that it was a City-sponsored program designed to help residents conserve energy and water with in-home consultations. I was intrigued ever since. When I heard that the program was hiring, I immediately applied.

Since I started participating in the program, I’ve attend events that I have never heard of before. For example, I recently attended Fall Family Day at the Center for Community Arts. There, another Conservation Coach named Clarissa and I were placed in a booth where we had a coloring activity involving renewable energy and free candy for the little kids. Clarissa and I connected with various homeowners and renters, talking about their energy and water habits. We introduced new habits and energy saving utilities to the residents that they can implement in their homes in order to reach a more sustainable lifestyle.

Another event that I attended recently was the Walnut Festival. At the event, a Conservation Coach named Lorcan and I had an activity that mimicked Jeopardy! The game consisted of a participant spinning a wheel and answering a trivia question about energy and water. If the participant answered the answer right, they could pick a prize of their choosing. With the wheel as our booth’s main attraction, we were able to draw many attendees and spread knowledge of renewable energy, and small habit changes and purchases that would make their homes more environmentally friendly.

Although I have not attended a home consultation yet, I am greatly looking forward to it. During our training period with my fellow Conservation Coaches, the consultations were the thing that I had my eyes set on. I’m really interested in seeing what it would be like to engage with residents and giving them a personalized report on their energy and water bills.

I am also looking forward to helping the residents connect with EnergyCenter, an online center with information regarding their utility bills as well as recommendations for environmentally friendly habits. In the future, I want to be an Environmental Consultant. I know that I will be able to implement the skills that I learn as a conservation coach in the future!

If you are interested in a FREE in-home consultation, call us at 1-800-314-5997 or email us at

You can track our progress and follow our movement on Instagram: WalnutCreekSaves

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