Make a Change

Written by: Anisah Rodgers

As January turned into February, I expected the weather to be mildly cold – as it should be! To my surprise, the weather wasn’t similar to the frigid air I expected to face. The sun beat down on me and the warmth of the air could pass as spring. Everybody around me had noticed the sudden change in weather and all of them agreed global warming is to blame.

Global warming occurs when carbon dioxide, other air pollutants, and greenhouse gases collect in the atmosphere. Walnut Creek Saves works to help residents save energy and water within their homes, therefore, reducing greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere. Even the littlest things such as using incandescent light bulbs can give off carbon dioxide, which a majority of people don’t know. I enjoy being a Conservation Coach because I can make a difference in my community by influencing residents to make small changes for both the environment and themselves.

One experience that I enjoyed the most was when we attended the Walnut Festival. The music was lively, the smell of food roamed the air, there was a vast array of lights, games, and rides, and there was a large variety of people that were generally interested in what we had to offer (even if they weren’t expecting to learn about water and energy conservation facts at a festival). The range of people that came varied from kids to teenagers and to adults. I was shocked that a good amount of people did sign up for our consultations since festivals, in my opinion, usually are meant to focus on games, food, and to enjoy the presence of pure happiness. However, those that did sign up were willing to change their daily habits while having a blast. I look forward to other memories that resemble this one in the future.

If you’re interested in learning about our free home consultations or just want some tips on how to conserve energy and water, click here. Another way to reach us is to call us at 1-800-314-5997 or email us at

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