My Experience as a Conservation Coach

Written by: Ariana Montalvo

There are many benefits to becoming a Conservation Coach for Walnut Creek Saves. I became a Conservation Coach in September of this year and it has taught me more knowledge on water and energy conservation, how to approach and speak to prospective residents, and marketing skills that will stick with me.

As a Conservation Coach I am able to attend outreach events in various Walnut Creek locations, as well as in home consultations for Walnut Creek residents. I have enjoyed attending these outreach events because I am able to interact with the residents and if they have time I teach them about Walnut Creek Saves. I am able to tell the residents about our home consultations and how they can save money on their next water and electricity bill and better the environment around us.

My most recent outreach event was the Holiday Faire at the Shadelands Museum. Because the holiday season is so close we decorated our table to show our holiday cheer to hopefully attract more residents. On our table we almost always have our trivia wheel set up so that children can learn about water and energy conservation and their parents can learn about our program.

Being a Conservation Coach has helped me be more assertive and engaging while talking to strangers, which will help me later in life when dealing with a similar situation. I have also met other young students willing to make a difference in their community who have accomplished the same goals as I have. I am very grateful to be a part of the Walnut Creek Saves program, and I will continue to work to further prosper the program.

For any questions about the program, or to sign up for your free home consultation, email us at or click here.

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