My Time as a Conservation Coach

Written by: Omar Zaifulizan

Hello, my name is Omar Zaifulizan and I am a Conservation Coach for Walnut Creek Saves. As a Conservation Coach I have learned many things such as talking to new people and improving my communications skills. I started my experience working for Walnut Creek Saves in September and since then I have gained a lot of valuable experience with my internship. So far, working for Walnut Creek Saves has been really fun. I’ve gone to many community events, as well as assisted with my first home consultation.

My most recent community outreach event was at the Diablo Valley Farmer’s Market. It was on a warm, sunny day and I was working with a fellow coworker. It was a very slow day at the market because most of the people who were there did not live in Walnut Creek. Overall, my outreach experience has been very good. At the community outreach events I get to talk to many people who come from many parts of the bay area.

I went to my first home consultation around the month of October and it was a very new experience for me. I have never gone to one until then, and I was a little bit nervous on what to do during the consultation. I went into the home and got to measure water flow rates and talk to the home owner about their water and energy habits. This whole process took around 1 hour. The homeowners were very nice and friendly during the whole consultation! Overall, my home consultation experience has been very good especially since I was out of my comfort zone and going into a stranger’s house.

My experience as a Conservation Coach has been great and as the school year is winding down it has been a great learning experience to help the community and talk to the citizens of the Walnut Creek about energy and water conservation.

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