New Year, New Us

Written by: Michelle Lee

On January 24th, the Walnut Creek Saves team met at the Walnut Creek Library to discuss their goals for the program in 2018. The coming of a new year brings along excitement and motivation for change. Many people have New Year’s resolutions and Walnut Creek Saves sure has some big ones.

During the meeting, the whole team discussed different methods to ramp up the program; with the intent to get more people in the city of Walnut Creek to sign up for our in-home consultations. Some of our new program goals for outreach include airing an PSA on the Walnut Creek TV channel as well as the Walnut Creek YouTube channel, collaborating with EBMUD/CCWD, and creating a partnership with local real estate offices and realtors. Some of our interns are working towards creating a direct mailing campaign, sending postcards out to nearly 4,500 homes. We’ve also started a new format of outreach called “Win it Wednesday!” On “Win it Wednesday!” residents will be able to comment on the “Win it” social media posts and be entered in a raffle to win a prize, like a Hydroflask, or a Wi-Fi indoor outlet.

In terms of numbers and statistics, in the past year, Walnut Creek Saves has had a total of 411 sign ups, with 152 completed consultations. The program is ending on May 31st, with a program goal of 225 completed consultations. In the end, the goal of our program is much more than simple numbers and statistics. Our goal is to increase efficiency and conservation efforts, inform and educate the public about energy and water use, promote renewable energy, and to encourage residents to live more environmentally friendly lives.

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