Oceans under the Hot Sun

Written by: Gautam Sajja

It’s that time again, when an aspiring Conservation Coach tells his or her tale from the crypt, or in this case, from the last month or so. Although the personal side of me isn’t where I like to focus my articles (I am more sarcastic and fact driven), I cannot deny the success that this program has achieved over the past months. Even when the odds are stacked against my will of obtaining a single consultation sign up, my team is there to succeed where I have failed. Teamwork. It is not just displayed by me in the midst of covering a shift, but by my coworkers as well. Their contributions to the program have helped it reach new audiences, and my experience has lead me to realize that in a work setting, the most important part is not what you have accomplished, but instead what we will accomplish. Simply put, where there is a will there is a way.

I guess when it is all said and done, that satisfaction of making a difference will eventually set in, along with the realization of a good deed. I have lived in Walnut Creek all my life, and there is nothing I want more than for this community to thrive in an environmentally friendly way. As the world changes our resources oddly stay behind, lacking update. Maybe it is because of summer. It is such a packed time, even more so than the winter. Between forced visits to grandma’s cabin, summer blockbusters, and, of course, the heat, what can one do but relax and choose to “sign up” later? The reality is, what are you waiting for?

Coming this far seemed to have been a distant fantasy, but when fantasy becomes reality, those boring trips, summer movies, and the high temperatures, are all put on hold for a program that will continue to exist under the watchful eye of our members; supervisors who know what’s best. School has always taught me to look at my accomplishments and build on them, putting myself before anyone else. It is funny how the real world reverses the core principle of that very idea. Instead now, I look at our accomplishments, and the growth that we have had over the course of six short months. Putting the customer and my coworkers in front, not behind. As I sit under the scorching rays of the hot sun sipping my ice cold cola, I realize that water, energy, savings, and money are just the beginning of a whole world of change. Thank you!

Dedicated to Sean, the man who will invent the next wheel.

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