Savings for the Students

Written by: Anna Meehan

Recently, Walnut Creek Saves had the opportunity to go to Foothill Middle School’s after school program, The Creek, to talk to students about ways they can save energy and water and how to help the environment. I worked with a couple other Conservation Coaches to prepare a presentation with slides, games, and other activities to present to the students. In about a month’s span, we went to The Creek two separate times to speak about different environmental topics.

In our first presentation we focused on energy and water conservation. One other Conservation Coach and I created a Google Slides presentation filled with information on how much energy and water are used in and outside the home. In addition, we had both simple and challenging questions to encourage student participation, such as “What can you recycle?” and “Which light bulb is the most efficient?” Students were very engaged in the presentation and provided excellent answers to all our questions. As a reward, students received candy for participating. Our presentation lasted about 25 minutes and we gave every student an energy and water-saving handout to reference at home!

Our second presentation happened this week and we focused on our environmental impact. Topics included fossil fuels, renewable resources, and composting. The students were as receptive to this presentation as they were the last. We even gave all the students an environmental crossword puzzle to do to see what they remembered!

Overall, the experience of presenting to students was fun and rewarding, and they all learned so much. I hope they will take all the information and help the environment!

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