Serena’s Goodbye

Written by: Serena Vincent

Hey Walnut Creek community, I have been involved with Walnut Creek Saves since February of this year and now the time has come for my Conservation Coach experience to end. Before I leave though, I wanted to tell everyone how much I have learned and the skills I gained through this experience. Walnut Creek Saves reaches out to the community and spreads the word about the free in-home energy and water consultations we offer to Walnut Creek residents to try and help them save money on their water and energy bills. When residents save money on their bills, our hope is that they spend the savings locally to help the Walnut Creek community and businesses thrive. Not only is this program extremely helpful for the community, it has also helped me understand the importance of teamwork, detail, and making a difference in my community.

When participating in the community outreach, we would tell the residents of Walnut Creek about our program and I was able to learn how to speak to community members and have conversations while also telling them about the free in-home consultations. I learned how to pitch my idea to people, but also how to greatly improve my public speaking skills. Before the program, I would be hesitant to talking to people I don’t have a close relationship with. I now feel very comfortable talking and having conversations with strangers while pitching ideas that I have. This will help me with future business ideas or speeches in my college classes.

When I assist with the consultations, what usually happens is my manager and I would go over an energy report with the resident on what they are spending the most money on electricity and gas, then we would evaluate their appliances and habits for efficiency. During the consultations I was able to improve my public speaking skills even further and learn more about helping residents save water, energy, natural gas, and ultimately, money.

My co-workers also helped me learn about the importance of teamwork and how to communicate so there are no misunderstandings. During consultations and outreach events, we would help each other out if we saw another coach struggling to get their point across or if they needed help in any way.

All of these reasons are why I am glad I applied to become a Conservation Coach with Walnut Creek Saves and be a part of this amazing program. Thank you so much to my manager, my co-workers, Walnut Creek and their residents for making this experience possible for me. I know Walnut Creek will continue to be great!

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