If you are you a high school student in Walnut Creek interested in energy and water conservation and environmental awareness, apply to become a Conservation Coach with Walnut Creek Saves today!

As a Conservation Coach, you will help spread the word about the program, encourage residents to save energy and water, and receive hands-on experience assisting with the in-home energy and water consultations. Conservation Coaches will always work under the supervision of an experienced home consultant from WattzOn.

Before the internship begins, all Conservation Coaches will complete a three-day training session. Conservation Coaches will learn how energy and water is used and how to identify energy and water saving opportunities in the home. The training will prepare them for assisting with the home consultations and conducting community outreach. The training will include an introduction to EnergyCenter, the energy-saving online tool that is paired with the consultations.

During the internship, Conservation Coaches will participate in a variety of community outreach efforts to connect with Walnut Creek residents and encourage program participation. Community outreach opportunities may include: attending community events, speaking at community group meetings, and creating engaging messages to residents. The community outreach opportunities allow Conservation Coaches to develop strong communication and team-building skills. Conservation Coaches will also write blog posts and energy guides to further public education.

See what these Conservation Coaches had to say about their experience in another California city:

“I am extremely grateful to be able to call this internship my first job. The Benicia Home Efficiency Program has taught me so much professionalism, and just overall work ethic.

I enjoy being involved with the community and knowing that I’m making a difference in my town while helping inform others. Plus it’s a real bonus knowing how much residents appreciate our service to the community!”

-K., high school junior

“As student interns, our job is to table at events, go door to door, and assist with in-home consultations. We give residents tips, help on water and energy conservation and a full report of their usage.

Personally, I’ve become more environmentally conscious, and built up my communication skills talking to residents. I know now how I can help save energy in my own home. But as interns we still have work to do, helping our city’s residents.”

– N., high school junior