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Energy Guide: Efficient Energy Light Bulbs

If you’re interested in upgrading your light bulbs, then this is the perfect article to read! Anisah Rodgers, a Conservation Coach with Walnut Creek Saves, will discuss the energy efficiency of incandescent, CFL, and LED bulbs along with their different features. Read more to find the right bulb for you!

How Walnut Creek Saves Helps Save

Walnut Creek Saves is a City of Walnut Creek program that was created to help better our community. Our goals are to boost the economy in Walnut Creek, lower residents’ water and energy bills, and of course make the environment a cleaner and safer place. We hope to accomplish these goals by offering free in-home consultations, attending outreach events, and hoping that residents spending their savings locally. 

A Community of Weirdos

Walnut Creek Saves is a program that has much to brag about. The program makes our community a more tightly knit, educated place; all while saving you money and the planet water and energy. But this has already been written about and is common knowledge for those familiar with what we do. Being a part of Walnut Creek Saves has taught Lola Bamberger something much more important and much less relevant to what our mission is - people are weird, and that isn’t necessarily bad.

Walnut Creek Saves Creates Opportunities

Anna Meehan has loved her time as a Conservation Coach for Walnut Creek Saves for the past six months. One of the best parts of the job is helping the community, and she feels our City-sponsored program does an excellent job at doing so. Continue reading to learn more about the new skills Anna is gaining and all about her new role to spread public awareness.

Walnut Creek Saves: A Beneficial Experience

Walnut Creek Saves was created to help achieve the City of Walnut Creek’s sustainability efforts by helping our residents conserve the world’s resources. Walnut Creek Saves also educates and employs high school students like Andre Medeiros and prepares them for the workforce. Read more to learn what Andre is excited to accomplish in his role of Conservation Coach.