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Our Program is Nearing its End

The sixteen month long Walnut Creek Saves program has one month to go. Andre Medeiros is proud of what we have all accomplished in a little over a year. We reached the City’s goals of consultations completed throughout the year and our goal of better educating the public about conserving energy and water.

The Conservation Coach Experience

After a handful of months working for this program, the Walnut Creek Saves team has helped multiple residents of Walnut Creek address their energy and water concerns. Andre Medeiros, a student Conservation Coach for the program, has learned a lot with this program and is excited to continue working for it! Read more to learn about his involvement in the community.

Top 10 Energy-Saving Tips: Summer Edition

Andre Medeiros, a Conservation Coach for Walnut Crek Saves, prepared a guide that summarizes the best tips for saving energy. This guide will help you save energy during the summer and throughout the year!

Energy Guide: Conserve Water with Showerheads

Did you know that showers account for almost 30% of the water consumption inside your home? That's right! Upgrading your showerhead to a water-efficient model can create instant savings. Luckily, you don’t have to spend time researching which water-efficient showerhead is the best for you. Andre Medeiros has gathered all the information you need to know about water-efficient showerheads.

We Educate, You Save

Walnut Creek Saves is a student-based community program sponsored by the City of Walnut Creek. Local high school students from Northgate and Las Lomas are hired and trained to assist during our completely FREE water and energy consultations. The consultations are available to all Walnut Creek residents, whether you own your home or rent it! Sign up today!

Walnut Creek Saves: A Beneficial Experience

Walnut Creek Saves was created to help achieve the City of Walnut Creek’s sustainability efforts by helping our residents conserve the world’s resources. Walnut Creek Saves also educates and employs high school students like Andre Medeiros and prepares them for the workforce. Read more to learn what Andre is excited to accomplish in his role of Conservation Coach.