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Energy Guide: Defeating Phantom Energy

Hidden behind many names: phantom energy, vampire load, standby load, etc., conserving this sneaky energy consumer can be fairly simple. Phantom energy consists of devices that are not in use, but are still consuming energy because they are plugged in. For instance, pencil sharpener has a little light on to alert the owner that it is in standby mode and is ready to be used. To learn how to conserve this phantom energy, read this guide prepared by Angelene Younger, one of our student Conservation Coaches.

Walnut Creek Saves: A Step in the Right Direction

Walnut Creek Saves offers FREE home consultations to Walnut Creek incorporated residents! During the consultations, student Conservation Coaches will walk the residents through their free online energy-saving account, EnergyCenter, fill out a personalized survey about the house, evaluate the outdoor irrigation system, examine light fixtures, and measure the flow rates of toilets, faucets, and showers. Sign up today and see where you can save!

An Opportunity to Make a Difference

Job etiquette and skills that are necessary to succeed in the working world are rarely taught to students at such a young age, yet as a Conservation Coach for Walnut Creek Saves, Angelene Younger can experience new responsibilities and scenarios that will help her in her future. As a new Conservation Coach, Angelene is ready to help as many homeowners as possible save money and the Earth’s precious resources.