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Water Guide: How to Have a Sustainable Landscape in California

As of 2014, California was considered in a state of extreme drought. Luckily, most of California is out of severe drought conditions with the exception of Santa Barbara and Ventura Counties. Although California is not in a D3 extreme drought conditions, saving as much water as possible is still a smart idea. There are several ways as to why a sustainable garden would positively impact the environment, but the most compelling would be the amount of water that will be saved, utilizing surroundings to compost, and using native plants to create a picturesque landscape.

Water Guide: California’s H2O Action Plan

Recently, the future of the California delta has been a major controversial debate. California Water Fix is an $18 billion to $26 billion dollar proposal to build two large underground tunnels that would carry water under the delta from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Rivers to Southern California. Water is California’s number one resource. The future of our state’s success relies on actions to promote conservation and sustainability.

Water Guide: A Small Part in the Big Picture

This winter, California has been in a dry spell. Very little rainfall has fallen and snow levels in the Sierras and other areas are extremely low for this time of year. Water is valuable. Whether this means switching to a drought-tolerant yard or collecting grey water, every little bit helps. Walnut Creek Saves is doing its part to encourage that little bit – by informing residents of their water usage and teaching them ways to improve, our program is helping California stay drought-free in small ways.