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Water Guide: Changing the Flow

Here in sunny California, residents are encouraged to conserve water by taking shorter showers or limiting outdoor irrigation. But many are unaware that one of the best ways to conserve water is installing a water-efficient showerheads in bathrooms. Many people shower once a day, which has caused showers to be one of the leading consumers of water in a household. Learn about upgrading to water-efficient showerheads in this guide prepared by Clarissa Drouillard.

Walnut Creek Saves: Our Plan to Make a Difference

Walnut Creek Saves is dedicated to helping residents lower their utility usage in order to save money and reduce our impact on the environment. The City of Walnut Creek created a Climate Action plan that aims to reduce our carbon output by 2020, and every consultation we complete is pushing our city towards its goals. We have already completed over 120 free consultations and met hundreds of community members that are interested in how they can save!

My Part in a Huge Mission

Clarissa Drouillard's first thought when she was accepted as a Conservation Coach with Walnut Creek Saves was, "Wait, what really is Walnut Creek Saves?" It didn’t take her long to figure out that Walnut Creek Saves is one of the latest steps Walnut Creek is taking towards becoming energy-efficient and environmentally responsible. Clarissa's involvement as a Conservation Coach has turned into a highlight of her year. Read on to find out why!