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Oceans under the Hot Sun

Gautam Sajja, a Conservation Coach for Walnut Creek Saves, reflects back on his time with the program, the importance of teamwork, and the desire to want nothing more than for the community he has grown up in to thrive in an environmentally friendly way. Gautam has realized that water, energy, savings, and money are just the beginning of a whole world of change!

My Rewarding Job

Anthony Belavitch is a Conservation Coach for Walnut Creek Saves. During his job, Anthony is able to meet a lot of Walnut Creek residents and help them learn a lot about energy and water and how to save it. He helps them conserve so they can help the environment and help themselves by saving money!

My Awesome Experience

Anna Meehan is one of the few student Conservation Coaches for Walnut Creek Saves. Our mission is to help Walnut Creek Residents save electricity, water and natural gas, in hopes of ultimately saving residents money. Anna is here to tell you the ways Walnut Creek Saves has changed her perspective on the environment and her work with conservation.

What it’s Like Being a Conservation Coach

Evan Enos feels truly blessed to have the amazing job as a Conservation Coach. His job allows him to conduct home energy and water consultations for residents who want to be more efficient. The consultations that Evan has conducted have been fun and very eye opening for him. It's such a great feeling to know Evan is helping the community he grew up in!

Saving Walnut Creek

During Serena Vincent's time with Walnut Creek Saves, she has been able to learn a lot about what is needed to save water and energy in her home and in the community. Since writing her last article on her experience in the program, she has learned even more than before over just a few weeks. Read more to find out what Serena has learned.

Creating a Positive Impact in my Community

Sean Mize shares his experience as a Conservation Coach for Walnut Creek Saves so far. His experience so far has been amazing to say the least! Read more to learn what Sean is excited about the most as he continues his role for Walnut Creek Saves.

We Educate, You Save

Walnut Creek Saves is a student-based community program sponsored by the City of Walnut Creek. Local high school students from Northgate and Las Lomas are hired and trained to assist during our completely FREE water and energy consultations. The consultations are available to all Walnut Creek residents, whether you own your home or rent it! Sign up today!

The Lessons I’ve Learned

Lola Bamberger, a Conservation Coach for Walnut Creek Saves, stumbled upon the Walnut Creek Saves program one day while looking for a job to earn some extra cash. Turns out, she got more than just that. Walnut Creek Saves has given her countless opportunities to prove herself and to get involved in the community, all while working towards something she cares about.

My Conservation Coach Experience

Kaipo Vevera shares how his experience as a Conservation Coach for Walnut Creek Saves has helped him learn new skills and comfortably speak to residents about energy and water savings. Kaipo is ready to help the residents of Walnut Creek save energy, water, and money!

The Role of a Leader

Recently, Evan Enos was presented to opportunity to lead a team of Conservation Coaches at the Contra Costa Farmer’s Market in downtown Walnut Creek. There were many hardships and tough decisions that came along with this role. Evan felt a certain sense of pride while leading the team and would do it again!