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Energy Guide: Musk’s Largest Battery Yet

In a state that is the leader in coal exports, South Australia took an oath of renewability when it funded the construction of a large battery that is roughly the size of a US football field! With the innovation and genius of Elon Musk, South Australia was able to create a battery powerful enough to power 30,000 homes. Learn more about this battery and its benefits from Anna Meehan's latest article.

Energy Guide: Introducing the Tesla Semi-Truck

Did you know that heavy duty vehicles make up just 7 percent of vehicles on US roads, yet account for 20 percent of transportation-related greenhouse gas emissions? Anthony Belavitch has prepared an article to introduce you to Tesla's new all-electric semi-truck. Manufacturing a electric semi-truck seems like a tough task, however, it is to help the world by putting more electric cars on the road.