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Investing Little, Conserving Big

In Michelle Lee's junior year, the College and Career Counselor at her high school told her about an internship with a program called Walnut Creek Saves. Her first thought was “what are they saving?” After school, she went onto the Walnut Creek Saves website, learned about the program, and was intrigued ever since. Now that Michelle is a Conservation Coach, read on to learn about how she is involved in her community spreading awareness about energy and water conservation!

My Part in a Huge Mission

Clarissa Drouillard's first thought when she was accepted as a Conservation Coach with Walnut Creek Saves was, "Wait, what really is Walnut Creek Saves?" It didn’t take her long to figure out that Walnut Creek Saves is one of the latest steps Walnut Creek is taking towards becoming energy-efficient and environmentally responsible. Clarissa's involvement as a Conservation Coach has turned into a highlight of her year. Read on to find out why!