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Energy Guide: Spring Cleaning Tips

Winter finally ended and is replaced with spring. Everybody knows it’s around that time for a good scrub down of their own home, spring cleaning! Anisah Rodgers, a Conservation Coach for Walnut Creek Saves, prepared the following article to provide tips on how to conserve energy and water when cleaning the house.

New Year, Same Walnut Creek Saves

It’s 2018 and Walnut Creek Saves is coming into a new year. We must continue to save as much energy and water as we individually can, taking the responsibility on all of our shoulders to better achieve our goals and to lessen the burden on others. Walnut Creek Saves is bringing awareness to the people of Walnut Creek, and orienting them towards our best future!

Event Recap: Shadelands Ranch Museum Holiday Faire

Recently, Walnut Creek Saves had the opportunity to attend the Shadelands Ranch Museum Holiday Faire! The Holiday Faire is an annual tradition in Walnut Creek and Walnut Creek Saves was fortunate enough to set up booth for a few days and partake in the excitement!

Walnut Creek Saves: A Step in the Right Direction

Walnut Creek Saves offers FREE home consultations to Walnut Creek incorporated residents! During the consultations, student Conservation Coaches will walk the residents through their free online energy-saving account, EnergyCenter, fill out a personalized survey about the house, evaluate the outdoor irrigation system, examine light fixtures, and measure the flow rates of toilets, faucets, and showers. Sign up today and see where you can save!

Walnut Creek Saves Creates Opportunities

Anna Meehan has loved her time as a Conservation Coach for Walnut Creek Saves for the past six months. One of the best parts of the job is helping the community, and she feels our City-sponsored program does an excellent job at doing so. Continue reading to learn more about the new skills Anna is gaining and all about her new role to spread public awareness.

Walnut Creek Saves: Help is on the Way!

Do you have an exceedingly high water and/or electric bill? If so, Walnut Creek Saves is the program for you! Walnut Creek Saves works to help the residents of Walnut Creek become more efficient. Local Walnut Creek high school students are the main working force of the program and our goals is to not only save the environment but also save you money!

My Walnut Creek Saves

At the beginning of 2017, Serena Vincent started her job with the Walnut Creek Saves program and the position has taught her many important skills to use in the workplace and in life. When she began the training for the program, she was nervous about how difficult or intense the internship was going to be, but it turned out a little differently. Read on to learn more about Serena’s experience.

We Educate, You Save

Walnut Creek Saves is a student-based community program sponsored by the City of Walnut Creek. Local high school students from Northgate and Las Lomas are hired and trained to assist during our completely FREE water and energy consultations. The consultations are available to all Walnut Creek residents, whether you own your home or rent it! Sign up today!

Be a Part of the Solution with Walnut Creek Saves!

Walnut Creek Saves is a city-sponsored nonprofit program that strengthens the community and spreads the positive mission to conserve the world’s energy and water resources. We achieve our mission by offering free home consultations to all Walnut Creek residents. The savings residents achieve with our help will consequently circulate in and out of local businesses.

Energy Guide: Tips to Save your Wallet and your World

Sometimes you need to get creative when saving energy and money around your home! Lola Bamberger, a Conservation Coach for Walnut Creek Saves, has summarized a few creative energy saving tips that I'm sure you've never thought of! Practice a few of these tips around your home for instant savings.