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What Does Walnut Creek Saves Save?

The short answer is energy, water, and money! Walnut Creek Saves was created through a collaboration between the City of Walnut Creek and the private company WattzOn. After realizing that 18% of greenhouse emissions in Walnut Creek were due to the residents, the City of Walnut Creek set out to adopt a residential energy efficiency program and tackle the excess residential energy and water usage.

Learn about Walnut Creek Saves

Anthony Belavitch, one of our student Conservation Coaches, explains how Walnut Creek Saves is a completely free program that is dedicated to saving residents energy, water, and money! Does it sound too good to be true? It’s not! Walnut Creek Saves is an organization that serves the residents, students, and community of Walnut Creek. Read on to learn more!

Walnut Creek Saves: Use Less and Save More

Have you been looking for ways to lower your monthly energy and water bills or do you want to help the environment but have no idea where to start? Or maybe both? Well, look no further! Anna Meehan is here to tell you about how Walnut Creek Saves can help you use less and save more!