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Growth from the YES Conference

A little less than a month ago, Kate Tovey and five of her fellow Conservation Coaches were given the opportunity to attend and present at the YES Conference in Oakland. YES stands for Youth for the Environment and Sustainability and the conference contained just that. Around 1,200 excited and passionate youth from the nine counties in the San Francisco Bay Area gathered at Laney College in Oakland for a day of learning, sharing and bonding over our like mindedness when it comes to preserving our planet and its resources.

Water Guide: California’s H2O Action Plan

Recently, the future of the California delta has been a major controversial debate. California Water Fix is an $18 billion to $26 billion dollar proposal to build two large underground tunnels that would carry water under the delta from the Sacramento-San Joaquin Rivers to Southern California. Water is California’s number one resource. The future of our state’s success relies on actions to promote conservation and sustainability.

Energy Guide: Christmas Lights Edition

During the holiday season, a great way to spread cheer is by hanging festive lighting on the outside of your home. These decorative strands of lights come in many styles, shapes, colors, and various blinking and color transitioning abilities. Although these lights are a nice visual, they add to energy expenses that are already increased during the winter months due to the use of heating. Learn more about the different energy-efficient holiday lighting options available for your home!

Energy Guide: Efficient Lighting Habits and Light Bulbs

When it comes to energy consumption in the average household, lighting makes up about 7-20% of your total usage. With easy habit changes and inexpensive upgrades available, the following guide prepared by Kate Tovey will serve as a quick, simple, and effective way to save money on your energy bills. 

More Than Just a Job

Kate Tovey has been a Conservation Coach for Walnut Creek Saves since August of 2017 and it has been an amazing first job for her because of ther flexible schedule, supportive manager and co-workers, and the valuable information she received during her training. She has also learned many important life skills through her involvement. Read on to find out more!

Walnut Creek Saves: Reducing Usage and Reaching Goals

Walnut Creek Saves is a fully grant funded City-program that was created after a plan of action to combat climate change was formed for Walnut Creek. The goal is to reduce overall greenhouse gas emissions to 15% below 2005 levels by 2020. This program directly targets residents as they account for about 18% of greenhouse gas emissions in the city. Read on and Kate Tovey will teach you all about how we reach our goals.