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Energy Guide: You Are What You Wear

What do you look for when shopping for new clothes? Color? Style? Fit? The answers to this question are limitless, but one that we don’t hear enough is sustainability. Shopping for affordable, sustainable, and fashionable clothes can often seem impossible, but it might not be as hard as you think. Lola Bamberger has prepared a list of companies to keep your eye for when looking for sustainable options.

Energy Guide: A No-Waste Lifestyle

Many people pride themselves with the fact that they recycle, don’t use plastic bottles, and always ask for paper bags. While these accomplishments are small, in the grand scheme of things they make a big difference. But some have gone above and beyond what most people consider to be environmentally friendly. These people live a zero waste lifestyle. Let Lola Bamberger teach you more about a no-waste lifestyle.

A Community of Weirdos

Walnut Creek Saves is a program that has much to brag about. The program makes our community a more tightly knit, educated place; all while saving you money and the planet water and energy. But this has already been written about and is common knowledge for those familiar with what we do. Being a part of Walnut Creek Saves has taught Lola Bamberger something much more important and much less relevant to what our mission is - people are weird, and that isn’t necessarily bad.

Energy Guide: No wood? No problem!

As summer is coming to an end and holidays that call for cozying up next to a fireplace are creeping closer, it is important to remember that what you put into your fireplace finds its way back into the atmosphere. Lola Bamberger is here to discuss the eco-friendly options to burning wood this holiday season.

Water Guide: You Are What You Eat

Many people focus on reducing their carbon footprint, but an equally as pressing matter is your water footprint. Lowering your water footprint can be done in many ways, most of which involve the services our program offers. One method that is unknown, but extremely effective, is by changing eating habits. How much water do you eat?

Four Months Into Walnut Creek Saves…

When the Walnut Creek Saves program first began Lola Bamberger's goal was none other than to reach out to the community and to lend her hand in making it a better place. Now, almost four months into the program she can say, without a doubt, that all of her team members and fellow Conservation Coaches have helped achieve that goal.

Energy Guide: Insulation Will Save the Nation

Nearly half of the energy used in an average household goes toward heating or cooling the home. Meaning, if proper energy saving techniques are used in these areas a large sum of money can be saved on your energy bill. There are many appliances and behaviors that can help save energy on heating and cooling, but there is one that constantly stays hidden in your walls, insulation.

What I Learned: Keeping California Native

Recently, Walnut Creek Saves had the opportunity to attend the Pleasant Hill Instructional Garden’s Earth Day event. Several speakers provided information about California’s drought history, ways to improve water conservation, and the importance of planting native species. Read more to find out what Lola Bamberger learned from the event.

How Does Walnut Creek Saves Save?

Walnut Creek Saves is such a new program to our community that most residents don’t know or fully understand what it entails and what services we can provide. Since our program is extremely resident focused it is our highest priority to get the information needed out there, and in this article Lola Bamberger will describe what Walnut Creek Saves can do for you (and what it already does for her).

The Lessons I’ve Learned

Lola Bamberger, a Conservation Coach for Walnut Creek Saves, stumbled upon the Walnut Creek Saves program one day while looking for a job to earn some extra cash. Turns out, she got more than just that. Walnut Creek Saves has given her countless opportunities to prove herself and to get involved in the community, all while working towards something she cares about.