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Energy Guide: Defeating Phantom Energy

Hidden behind many names: phantom energy, vampire load, standby load, etc., conserving this sneaky energy consumer can be fairly simple. Phantom energy consists of devices that are not in use, but are still consuming energy because they are plugged in. For instance, pencil sharpener has a little light on to alert the owner that it is in standby mode and is ready to be used. To learn how to conserve this phantom energy, read this guide prepared by Angelene Younger, one of our student Conservation Coaches.

Energy Guide: Saving Energy Can Be A Breeze!

Many residents find their energy bills to be higher than they would like to pay every month. And sometimes you may not even be able to pinpoint the one device or habit that is costing you extra each month. As a Conservation Coach at Walnut Creek Saves, it is Anna Meehan's job is to inform residents on ways they can save water and energy around the home. Read on to learn Anna's top three energy-saving tips.

Energy Guide: Solutions to Phantom Power

A lot of people don't realize that appliances that are plugged in but off still consume electricity. Yes, the amount of electricity consumed may be small, but it's costing you money and wasting energy. This hidden energy consumer is called phantom power. Let Evan Enos teach you about the different ways you can reduce your phantom power.

Energy Guide: Tips to Save your Wallet and your World

Sometimes you need to get creative when saving energy and money around your home! Lola Bamberger, a Conservation Coach for Walnut Creek Saves, has summarized a few creative energy saving tips that I'm sure you've never thought of! Practice a few of these tips around your home for instant savings.