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Energy Guide: Spin, Load, and Save

Today Gautam Sajja will be exploring the world of energy and water savings with the clothes washing machine and dryer. We all need to wash our clothes and get them dry after. There are many ways to do this while conserving energy, so let’s start with the basics.

Energy Guide: How Solar Will Save the World

There are many reasons why solar energy would benefit your life today. So many people are put off by solar energy because it simply “costs too much”. Solar energy may seem like a big investment in the beginning, but once you start to see the astonishing effects that solar energy can have on your life and the environment I’m sure you would be compelled to invest in the technology. Continue reading if you would like to learn more about how solar energy can benefit your life and the environment!

Walnut Creek Saves: A Crash Course Introduction

How much do you know about Walnut Creek Saves? Did you know that Walnut Creek Saves is a partnership with WattzOn and the City of Walnut Creek? Of that the program is not funded by taxes, but instead through a grant from the Department of Energy? Read on to learn how Walnut Creek Saves helps Walnut Creek residents conserve water and energy, boosts the local economy and provides high school students with work experience.

An Opportunity to Make a Difference

Job etiquette and skills that are necessary to succeed in the working world are rarely taught to students at such a young age, yet as a Conservation Coach for Walnut Creek Saves, Angelene Younger can experience new responsibilities and scenarios that will help her in her future. As a new Conservation Coach, Angelene is ready to help as many homeowners as possible save money and the Earth’s precious resources.

Welcome our Newest Conservation Coaches to Walnut Creek Saves!!

Recently, ten high school students from Northgate and Las Lomas High Schools completed three days of water and energy efficiency training to become Conservation Coaches. We are excited to have them as part of the team and are looking forward to see how they can further the success of Walnut Creek Saves!

Water Guide: You Are What You Eat

Many people focus on reducing their carbon footprint, but an equally as pressing matter is your water footprint. Lowering your water footprint can be done in many ways, most of which involve the services our program offers. One method that is unknown, but extremely effective, is by changing eating habits. How much water do you eat?

Water Guide: Save Water, Drop by Drop

Many people struggle to save water around the home and often times find their water bills higher than expected. Anna Meehan, a Conservation Coach for Walnut Creek Saves, is here to share a few interesting ways to save and reuse water and help you lower your bills!

The Conservation Coach Experience

After a handful of months working for this program, the Walnut Creek Saves team has helped multiple residents of Walnut Creek address their energy and water concerns. Andre Medeiros, a student Conservation Coach for the program, has learned a lot with this program and is excited to continue working for it! Read more to learn about his involvement in the community.

Making a Difference

Kaipo Vevera is one of the student Conservation Coaches for Walnut Creek Saves. He is now much further into the job and has accomplished much more than at the beginning. As a program we have completed over 100 consultations since our launch in February! Kaipo has had the opportunity to speak to countless Walnut Creek residents and pass on energy and water saving recommendations to his community.

Energy Guide: Lighting Your Home Efficiently

With a multitude of different light bulbs out on the market, homeowners are often left in the dark on what their best choices are. Kaipo Vevera, a student Conservation Coach with Walnut Creek Saves, will try to solve this issue for you so when you need to make an upgrade on your lighting the choice will be easy.