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What a Time to be Alive

This year Anisah Rodgers joined Walnut Creek Saves as a Conservation Coach and has learned quite a bit! She joined to increase her knowledge on ways to save energy and water and to express my love for the environment. Here at Walnut Creek Saves, she is able to talk to people about ways they can conserve energy or water and attend fun events like the Walnut Festival.

More Than Just a Job

Kate Tovey has been a Conservation Coach for Walnut Creek Saves since August of 2017 and it has been an amazing first job for her because of ther flexible schedule, supportive manager and co-workers, and the valuable information she received during her training. She has also learned many important life skills through her involvement. Read on to find out more!

Event Recap: Walnut Festival

Recently, Walnut Creek Saves had the opportunity to attend the much anticipated Walnut Festival! The Walnut Festival is an annual tradition in Walnut Creek and Walnut Creek Saves was fortunate enough to spend three days immersed in the fun and excitement!