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The YES Conference Aftermath

Going to Oakland in February to present at the YES Conference was probably one of the more interesting events Gautam Sajja has attended here at Walnut Creek Saves, and it is without a doubt, one of the biggest. Meeting new people who are just as passionate about our planet’s future as us was awe inspiring, and going to a college campus to present, really showcased how far we have come.

Growth from the YES Conference

A little less than a month ago, Kate Tovey and five of her fellow Conservation Coaches were given the opportunity to attend and present at the YES Conference in Oakland. YES stands for Youth for the Environment and Sustainability and the conference contained just that. Around 1,200 excited and passionate youth from the nine counties in the San Francisco Bay Area gathered at Laney College in Oakland for a day of learning, sharing and bonding over our like mindedness when it comes to preserving our planet and its resources.