The Rotary Club Presentation

Written by: Lorcan McSharp

Last month, my fellow Conservation Coach, Kaipo Vevera, and I went to the Rotary Club of Walnut Creek meeting at Heather Farms. We were there to give a presentation to the members of the club about Walnut Creek Saves. We discussed what the program does, who we are, and our student internship experience. We also talked about EnergyCenter and played a little energy and water trivia game at the end.

Initially, there was going to be three of us splitting up the 30 minute presentation, however one of our coworkers became sick in the days leading up to the event causing Kaipo and I a little concern. We had no idea what to expect and our background in discussing Walnut Creek Saves was just with two or three people, at most, so it was the first presentation we’d done in front of a respectively large audience.

On the days leading up to the presentation we studied what to talk about and created the PowerPoint slides. Knowing that we had to talk for more time after our coworker couldn’t make it meant that we had some reorganizing to do in terms of who speaks when. The main problem was going to be talking for all that time, we didn’t quite know how we were going to do it – nevertheless, we did!

When we arrived at the Rotary Club meeting we quickly realized we were the youngest people there by a lot, which was both nerve-racking and calming because I’ve heard the older generations like hearing from us millennials. The club members were friendly and outgoing although Kaipo and I were still a little nervous, but we were quickly distracted by the tasty food they had.

Once the meal was finished and a few other speakers spoke, it was our turn. We were introduced, and as soon as we started talking we realized we were going to be alright. The Rotary Club was engaged in what we were saying, they seemed to enjoy the talk, and they were surprisingly good at the trivia questions (one person even knew that the water usage of a high-efficiency toilet (1.28 gallons)).

All in all, Kaipo and I enjoyed spreading the word and letting the community know about Walnut Creek Saves. Seeing a Rotary Club in session was an educational experience, and the free meal was the cherry on top. This was both the most nerve racking and rewarding part of working for Walnut Creek Saves for me, and It’s just the kind of experience I wanted going into this internship.

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