The YES Conference Aftermath

Written by: Gautam Sajja

Going to Oakland in February to present at the YES Conference was probably one of the more interesting events I have attended here at Walnut Creek Saves, and it is without a doubt, one of the biggest. Meeting new people who are just as passionate about our planet’s future as us was awe inspiring, and going to a college campus to present, really showcased how far we have come.

For those who do not know, the YES Conference is a Spare the Air youth event that gathers to discuss issues like climate change. Students from across nine different counties came together at the Laney College campus on February 24th to present interesting technological topics that have the potential to make our Earth greener. We had the honor of presenting to about four individuals – every person that we could spread our message to counts!

Although the attendance for our presentation wasn’t a huge turn-out for us, watching others speak on their topics was equally as engaging. With free brunch and lunch and time to get involved with other people’s projects, I thought the fun would never end. Eventually though, it did. But now I am even more excited for what opportunities the future may hold, and what new places I will be able to visit next.

If you want more information about the YES Conference click here. Thank you so much for reading. I hope that my experience at the YES Conference inspired you to conserve here and there, because like I said, ever little bit counts.

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