Walnut Creek Saves Creates Opportunities

Written by: Anna Meehan

I have loved my time as a Conservation Coach for Walnut Creek Saves these past six months. I have gained several new skills like communicating effectively and being persuasive. At the beginning of July, I was honored to have been named the Social Media Manager on NextDoor for Walnut Creek Saves. I have the opportunity to network with the community and gain helpful insight into Walnut Creek. I write two short articles a week entailing contests, general information, games, outreach events, and more. Not only am I more informed on the program, but Walnut Creek residents are too!

In addition to writing these posts for NextDoor, I attend home consultations for residents, and work at outreach events in the community. Most recently, I worked with a fellow Conservation Coach at Ace Hardware. We spoke to so many residents about our program, and saw that many residents were interested in our program. The last home consultation I attended was at a 4,000 sq. ft. home in Walnut Creek. I had never been to a house so large. After the consultation, we made recommendations for the resident that included: updating his light bulbs, shortening showers, and fixing his irrigation system. The irrigation system had many leaks and malfunctions that the resident did not know about.

One of the best parts of the job is helping the community. I feel our City-sponsored program does an excellent job at doing so. If you have not had one of our constructive home consultations (they are free I might add!) be sure to sign up today! Walnut Creek Saves hires and trains local high school student interns to assist with the consultations and provide input into how to save energy, water, and money in and outside of the home.

I enjoy working for Walnut Creek Saves immensely. I have learned more about the environment in six short months than I had in all my science classes since elementary school. This is a great program, and I am honored to be a part of it.

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