Walnut Creek Saves is Getting it’s Interns Ready for the Workforce

Written by: Lorcan McSharp

One of the goals for Walnut Creek Saves is providing high schoolers with work experience that will help them as they move into the workforce. The job teaches students skills, meeting etiquette, blog/article writing, and sales tactics (even though we aren’t technically selling anything – our consultations are free!).

As a creative person myself, I have really appreciated the artistic opportunities that Walnut Creek Saves has granted me. The internship has allowed me to have my first official graphic design job when a postcard I designed was mailed out to hundreds of houses in the Walnut Creek area a few weeks ago. It was more exciting than I expected seeing that some of my friends at school had received a postcard in the mail that I had a big part in creating. People especially liked “The Plug,” which is Walnut Creek Saves’ friendly neighborhood superhero that is sure to save the day, and more importantly your energy and water bills.

Not only will you be saving money on your energy and water bills if you sign up for a free in-home consultation, but you’ll also be helping students, like me, build their portfolios and personal development. To see the effect that Walnut Creek Saves is having on other students, all you have to do is read the various other blog posts that highlight our time at presentations, outreach events, and consultations. Check out the articles here. Combine this work experience with a job that actively works towards a cleaner and more efficient world and it becomes undoubtable that Walnut Creek Saves is doing the right thing for individuals and the community as a whole.

To support this vision, sign up for a free consultation today! If you already have, make sure to let friends and family know about Walnut Creek Saves, what we do, and how The Plug can save their energy and water bills, too.

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