Walnut Creek Saves: Our Plan to Make a Difference

Written by: Clarissa Drouillard

Most people don’t know that just a few changes to their home or routine could be saving them thousands of gallons of water a year. Toilet leaks are very hard to detect, and problems in irrigation systems could take months to discover. But these are just a couple of areas that Walnut Creek Saves examines during our in-home consultations for incorporated residents of Walnut Creek. Our consultations are 100% free to the residents (homeowners or renters), made possible through a federal grant and the sale of City property.

The main goals of Walnut Creek Saves are reducing our impact on the environment, employing high school students as Conservation Coaches, and boosting the local economy with the money that residents save. Walnut Creek Saves has been serving residents of Walnut Creek since February 2017, and we plan to continue providing information on how we all can be conserving energy and water.

During our hour and a half long consultations we examine irrigation systems, household appliances, and daily habits that all contribute to energy and water usage. We provide a detailed report on the resident’s energy usage that shows exactly how much energy they are using. Afterwards, we can provide tips tailored to the household on how homeowners and renters can be saving water and energy. Our Conservation Coaches will even help the resident set up an account on EnergyCenter, a free online application that can provide tips on saving and track energy usage. EnergyCenter will also connect users with rebates and incentives and provide shopping guides for appliances.

Walnut Creek Saves is dedicated to helping residents lower their utility usage in order to save money and reduce our impact on the environment. The City of Walnut Creek created a Climate Action plan that aims to reduce our carbon output by 2020, and every consultation we complete is pushing our city towards its goals. We have already completed over 120 free consultations and met hundreds of community members that are interested in how they can save!

To set up a free consultation for your home, call us at 1-800-314-5997, email at walnutcreek@wattzon.com, or click here!

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