Walnut Creek Saves…What Exactly is it?

Written by: Natalie Ahearn

Talking to residents and members of the community about the Walnut Creek Saves program is an easy and fun way to get the word out and sign people up for consultations. However, with the limited amount of time we have to explain everything, some of it gets lost. In this article, I will explain some of those points that don’t get fully explained at our booths.

Walnut Creek Saves is a federally funded program that helps residents of Walnut Creek save money on their home water and energy bills. Since the Climate Change Action Plan was set into place in 2012 by the City of Walnut Creek, the program is helping the city achieve its goals of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 15% by 2020. Resident usage, behind local and highway traffic emissions, makes up almost 20% of Walnut Creek’s GHG emissions. Every small step in the right direction that we help residents achieve is working towards a larger goal of reducing that sector of Walnut Creek’s pollution output.

Not only is Walnut Creek Saves making progress on the bigger picture, it’s helping individual residents and families be more aware of their lifestyle choices and what they can do to save money. The program is not aimed at selling products, just simply offering habit changes and suggestions for upgrading both small and large appliances. For example, a habit change may be to collect water while waiting for a shower or sink to heat up for outdoor use. A small upgrade suggestion may be to purchase LED bulbs to replace incandescent bulbs. At the end of each consultation, the resident is left with a clear list of the top three main suggestions derived from looking at every room in a home.

Another important aspect of the program is that it employs high school students, like me, to provide job experience and teach communication and other skills that are important to learn and develop during this time in our lives. Overall, participating in Walnut Creek Saves through signing up for a consultation or working for the program is an excellent way to give back to the community, support local youth, save or earn money, and help protect the environment.

To sign up for a free home consultation, contact Walnut Creek Saves at 1-800-314-5997 or sign up online here.

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